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My Slovenia Holiday

One of the things I love most about this job is seeing different cultures and really getting beneath the skin of a country.

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Weekend a la Carte - The Different Types of Holidays


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It has just been announced that St Petersburg in Russia has been named the European Tourist Destination of the year for the second year in a row by The World Travel Awards

We are not surprised as St Petersburg has so much to offer in terms of stunning palaces nearby such as Peterhof, The Peter and Paul Fortress with its dramatic spire, beautiful art at the Hermitage and of course it’s world renown ballet at the Mariinsky Theatre. 

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Thinking of going to India for the first time ? The Golden Triangle Tour is the answer!

For those of you who are currently enjoying Indian Summers on channel 4 or followed Prince Williams and Kate Middleton's recent Indian tour you might have been inspired to go and see India for yourself as have a Indian Holiday! 

India is a vast country and has so much culture to offer in terms of stunning Palaces, Evocative Temples and Historical Forts but there is also a softer side to see with exciting wildlife and wonderful areas of relaxation. To see India in full you need months, but for first time travelers to India we would recommend  a 2-3 week trip with a private guide. 

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Transylvania Private Tours

 If you are looking for something a little bit different, and off the beaten track, then a trip to Transylvania in Romania is for you. Transylvania offers you stunning wilderness, beautiful historical towns, wildlife, a chance to relax in a superb location of a private estate and the opportunity to feel as if you have stepped back in time.  

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Discover Jordan - Top 10 things to see !

 Jordan is a wonderful country to visit. Everyone knows about Petra, and indeed many have it on their “bucket list” of things to do, but there are so many other delights that this country has to offer as well. As Jordan is such a small country it is possible to explore it all in a relatively short time and truly experience all it has to offer

So what are the Top 10 Things to See in Jordan?

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Are Iceland Holidays just about Waterfalls, Fire, Ice, Geysers and Glaciers?

By: Jan Oborn | Blog, Iceland and Greenland Holidays | Posted: 16 Sep 2015

Iceland to me is myths and legends, waterfalls, barren landscape, fire and ice, geysers and glaciers.

What I didn’t really know is that it is a fantastic place to see whales as well as an amazing place to visit. Husavik in the north of Iceland is picture box pretty with a small port that has several companies vying to sell you the best whale tour that you have ever experienced. 

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Why not plan an Oman Holiday?- There is SO much to see and do!

By: | Blog, Other Adventures, Discovery and Adventure | Posted: 11 Sep 2015

 Oman is one of the most beautiful and culturally interesting of the Arabian states. Beautiful coastlines meet soaring mountains in a land steeped in history. It is truly a wonderful place to visit.

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Whale Watching in Husavik - and other Hidden Gems in North Iceland !

 Iceland is a well trodden path and certainly at first thought is not ”Off the Beaten Track”, however North Iceland is a hidden gem that is often overlooked by those travelling to Iceland.

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Visiting the Budapest Parliament on a Budapest Short Break

  For those looking to spend some time on a Budapest short break the Hungarian Parliament is a must see !

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