Buy the Reykjavik City Card if you want to spend the day exploring Reykjavik

By Abigail Collins | Blog, Northern Lights Holidays, Iceland and Greenland Holidays | Posted 10 Mar 2015

Most people who travel to Iceland on a Northern Lights Holiday stay in the countryside to give themselves the best chance to see the Aurora Borealis away from interfering artificial lights. Many also combine with a one or two night stay in Reykjavik, the capital of Iceland. The old town is quirky and fun with many wooden houses and unique shops. However there is so much more to Reykjavik with a vast array of museums to choose from to visit.

For those spending some time in Reykjavik and wish to explore some of these many museums and galleries there you may wish to consider buying the Reykjavik city card. This card offers free entry to many museums, discounts to other museums, as well as unlimited free travel by bus within the capital. It gives you a free ferry trip to the Yoko Ono Peace Tower on Videy Island, and free admission to the city thermal pools.

The museums which it will give you free access to include Reykjavijk Art Museum, the National Museum of Iceland, the National Gallery of Iceland, The Culture House and Reykjavik City Museum.

Discounts will be available with the use of the Reykjavik City Card at the Icelandic Phallological Museum, Saga Museum and Aurora Reykjavik Centre.

There are also quite a few restaurants that offer discounts with the use of the Reykjavik city card including the Fish Company, Tapas Husio, Restaurant Reykjavik, Geysir Bistro, Seafood Grill, Nings, Hofnin, MAR, Lebowski Bar and 10 Dropar Café. Most of the discounts are available on the menu and not the beverages.

At a price close to £15 if you have the full day exploring in Reykjavik it seems a sensible purchase. Especially to help bring the price of meals down as well.

It can be bought at the Tourist Information Centre - Aðalstræti 2, 101 Reykjavík, as well as many of the central Reykjavik hotels.

Reykjavik up close


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