Cooking in the Petra Kitchen in Jordan

By Linda Best | Blog, Jordan Private Tours | Posted 17 Jul 2014

This fantastic cookery school is situated bang in the centre of Petra and gives you a lovely opportunity to learn to cook lots of dishes that you are likely to have eaten during your travels in Jordan.

The school runs every evening and usually has about 15 people attending. 

The owner gave us a talk about how the evening would run and in a lovely humorous fashion, talked through the dishes we would be making, of which there were plenty. Soft drinks during the evening are free but you are offered wine if you want to buy it.

Petra Kitchen in Jordan

Using Spice at the Petra Kitchen

Having been split into 4 groups we were despatched off to our workspace and assigned a chef for each group.

We all chopped, sliced, stirred and mixed ferociously and with the guidance of the chefs created a banquet of traditional dishes, Soup, hot and cold Mezze and a main course. Everything was so fresh and fragrant, the kitchen smelt gorgeous.

When everything was ready we all sat down to eat whilst the fairies cleaned up behind us. The food was amazing and the rest of the evening was very sociable, with everyone swapping stories on visits to the Treasury and highlights of Jordan. 

Cooking Lesson at the Petra Kitchen in Jordan

Enjoying the fruits of labour at the Petra Kitchen in Jordan

Luckily we were given recipes for the food we made as I never would have remembered everything.  All the ingredients were usual products you would buy in the UK so great to come home and continue cooking these delicious dishes, which is exactly what I did, much to my friends delight. 

To see the Jordan Short breaks we offer where you visit Petra and can also take the cooking lesson please click here.


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