Dining in Vienna

By Abigail Collins | General, Romantic Escapes | Posted 05 Mar 2014

Kursalon Vienna


Built between 1865 and 1867 the Kursalon is one of the most exclusive buildings in Vienna. The restaurant  faces to the park and provides an open fresh atmosphere. The cuisine is a combination between Viennese tradition and international flair.

Main courses cost @ 20 euros

For reservations ring +43 01512 5790 or book on-line





Donauturm (Danube Tower)


Danube Tower

Take the express elevator up to the observation platform - 150m above ground and enjoy the fantastic view over cosmopolitan Vienna to its fullest - Day or Night. At the new Danube Tower everything is centered around the delicate Viennese cooking. The restaurant rotates and offers original Viennese titbits such as Viennese Grilled Chicken, Boiled Rump or a variety of speciality Roast Beefs.

Main courses cost @ 20 euros.

For reservations ring +43 1 263 35 72 or book on-line.


Please note this is a long walk from the nearest Metro Station and it is recommended you use a taxi to get here.




Sacher Cafe


The Sacher, Vienna

The Sacher is inextricably linked with Austria - the Austria of yesterday, today and tomorrow. Luxury and tradition, perfect service and cordial staff, style and taste combine wonderfully. Cafe Sacher Vienna is famous for the Sacher-Torte; a perfect stop for afternoon tea. Please note it can get v busy and reservations are not taken.





Fabios, Vienna

Get pampered in a contemporary, elegant atmosphere with exclusive delicacies, in a favourite meeting place at any time of the day. Vienna's metropolitan style is clearly in the spotlight here: with international flair, good music and a contemporary ambiance. Here you will be offered Petit Patisserie and delicate lunch snacks and is very much the place to be seen.

Main course costs @ 18 euros.

Ring +43 (0) 153 2222 or book on-line at http://www.fabios.at/en/




Do & Co Albertina inside the museum


Do & Co Albertina

This restaurant is perfect if you are visiting the museum or the Opera. This museum argubably holds the largest and most valuable collection of graphic art in the world. In the summer season, this is one of the most beautiful terraces in Vienna - with an unforgettable view of the State Opera and the palace rooftops - providing an exclusive setting for a light lunch or relaxing dinner.

The restaurant seats 60 and has a kitchen that allows patrons to watch the chefs artistry unfold. The style of the restaurant is modern elegance and matches the design and superb architecture of the historical palace.

For reservations contact: +43 1535 39 69 or email albertina@doco.com




Do & Co Stephansplatz


The restaurant is located in the heart of Vienna. The guest enjoys a perfect view to St Stephens Cathedral as the restaurant is located at the top of the Haas Haus in front of the Cathedral. The Chef offers the best of the worlds cuisines. You can choose from a great variety. Either you can taste exotic spices at the wok station, enjoy finest sushi and sashimi, or have oriental treats.

Main courses cost @ 27 euros.

Fo reservations Phone +431 535 3969 or email stephansplatz@doco.com








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