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Weekend a la Carte - The Different Types of Holidays


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Are Iceland Holidays just about Waterfalls, Fire, Ice, Geysers and Glaciers?

By: Jan Oborn | Blog, Iceland and Greenland Holidays | Posted: 16 Sep 2015

Iceland to me is myths and legends, waterfalls, barren landscape, fire and ice, geysers and glaciers.

What I didn’t really know is that it is a fantastic place to see whales as well as an amazing place to visit. Husavik in the north of Iceland is picture box pretty with a small port that has several companies vying to sell you the best whale tour that you have ever experienced. 

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Whale Watching in Husavik - and other Hidden Gems in North Iceland !

 Iceland is a well trodden path and certainly at first thought is not ”Off the Beaten Track”, however North Iceland is a hidden gem that is often overlooked by those travelling to Iceland.

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Whale Watching in Iceland from Husavik

North Sailing pioneered Whale Watching in Iceland from Husavik only 20 years ago with their first boat out in 1995 to see the Minke Whales that were visiting the bay. However over the years more and variety of whales have entered the bay, with the Humpback Whale now being the most popular to view. 

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Buy the Reykjavik City Card if you want to spend the day exploring Reykjavik

 Most people who travel to Iceland on a Northern Lights Holiday stay in the countryside to give themselves the best chance to see the Aurora Borealis away from interfering artificial lights. Many also combine with a one or two night stay in Reykjavik, the capital of Iceland. The old town is quirky and fun with many wooden houses and unique shops. However there is so much more to Reykjavik with a vast array of museums to choose from to visit.

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A 8 yr olds Top Ten things to do in Iceland

 These are my top ten things to do in Iceland .....I am 8 years old

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Whale Watching in Husavik, Iceland - Both dead and alive !

Did you know a Dolphin is actually a Whale? (To be exact a Toothed Whale).  No i didn't know either and this was just one of the fasinating things i learnt at Husavik Whale Museum.

Any museum that has exhibits labelled "touch me" has my vote!

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Why you should stay at Hotel Ion in Iceland

So i was off to see Hotel Ion, a brand new hotel that opened in April 2013,an hours drive from Reykjavik in Iceland. It is situated next to a geothermal power station, but don't let that put you off as it is believed the power station has a direct positive effect on creating clear nights - critical for seeing the Aurora Borealis. It is believed that the steam plumes create a special micro climate which creates clear skies allowing the Northern Lights to shine through.

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10 useful things to help you plan your trip to Iceland

I have been to Iceland so many times for Weekend a La Carte that it's easy to forget what i take for granted as i know it so well. Here are ten things you might not know, which should help you make the most of your trip to Iceland, and take some of the worry away about a new destiantion for you.

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Nature on your doorstep at Husvaik Kaldbaks Cotages in North Iceland

Husavik Kaldbaks Cottages in North Iceland are 18 cabins nestled in nature with a wonderful view of wetlands full of birds with the backdrop of snow laiden mountains beyond the sea estuary. It is stunning!

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