Nature on your doorstep at Husvaik Kaldbaks Cotages in North Iceland

By Abigail Collins | Blog, Iceland and Greenland Holidays | Posted 05 Sep 2013

Husavik Kaldbaks Cottages in North Iceland are 18 cabins nestled in nature with a wonderful view of wetlands full of birds with the backdrop of snow laiden mountains beyond the sea estuary. It is stunning!

The cabins are bijoux, packed with everything you may need including a very handy pair of binnoculars to find some of the 64 bird species that have been seen here. It really is a birders paradise. The cabins are not about luxury. They are simple and small but are comfortable and offer one of the best views you will ever have.

Husavik Kaldbaks Cottages inside

 A self serve breakfast is available in the main farm 5 mins walk along the trails. Either sit on the verandah and enjoy the view whilst you eat, or enter an Aladdins den packed full of atmosphere with a rotating slide show of Icelandic nature!

Husavik Kaldbaks Cottages in N Iceland

There are little trails you can follow infront of the cabins that wind through the wetlands out to sea. It is a beautiful spot, but keep a watchful eye for the diving Egrets!

The Hot tubs are fed continuously from an underground source of naturally heated hot water - and boy is it hot - 37 degrees! Talk about a Hot Tub with a view! What an amazing place to stop and watch. 

All the cabins have a balcony and i would particularly recommend  you open a bottle of wine and sit and listen to the birds and let your eyes drink up the magnificence. If you are a lover of nature and beauty, peace and solitude then Husavik Kaldbaks Cottages are for you!

Most people stay here in order to go Whale Watching in Husavik - named the whale watching capital of Europe, or to drive the Diamond Circle.

The Diamond Circle takes at least 2 days and offers you stunning lava fields, shapes and formations, dramatic waterfalls, the beautiful Lake Myvatin and a Volcanic Crater. All of these are accessible in a self drive normal car. With a picnic in hand you will have some fascinating days.

For those looking for adventure SuperJeep Tours are available to take you up the craters edge.


Lake Myvatn

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