The ultimate New Years Eve celebration in Iceland: Northern Lights & Fireworks !

By Abigail Collins | Northern Lights Holidays, Iceland and Greenland Holidays | Posted 21 Jun 2013

Unlike  the UK there is not one big display of fireworks; instead it feel s like every household in the capital sets off fireworks. Throughout the night fireworks will be set off with the firework crescendo being at midnight. Popular places in or close to the city centre to assemble for the fireworks are Hallgrímskirkja church, Perlan (The Pearl) and Landakotskirkja church.

So imagine an evening where you are actually dining at the Perlan on New Years Eve.  So you have the view of the fireworks but without being in the crowds. At Weekendalacarte we offer a break where you dine at the Perlan, take a trip out to see a bonfire with the local Icelanders and then return to the balcony that surrounds the Perlan to celebrate the  midnight fireworks. Dining at the Perlan is a wonderful experience dining on gourmet food as the dome slowly rotates (once every two hours) to allow you to see the full Reykjavik skyline.

Perlan on New Years Eve

Having offered this Perlan experience for a few years , and also offered breaks staying at Hotel Ranga famed for seeing Northern Lights& being in the heart of exciting off road 4WD SuperJeep Tours, last year we combined the two for the first time. And WOW what great feedback  we received.

Superjeep Tour in Iceland

We definitely cracked it as a “Once in a Lifetime experience” , our speciality at Weekend a La Carte.

To quote Mike & Lisa who travelled with Weekend a La Carte last year for New Years Eve in Iceland;

 “The holiday was superb and couldn’t be faulted. We had the best time and have taken many photographs which i will be happy to make available to you once i have edited them.  Our hat off goes to the 4 x 4 guide we had for the waterfall
tour;. He was superb and did his best to make it the most pleasurable experience. He took us everywhere he possibly could and into the darkness, extremely polite and knowledgeable. I highly recommend this tour.  All of the food and meals were of the highest standard and we had a chance to try many foods we hadn’t tried before. The Blue Lagoon was fantastic .

Thermal Blue Lagoon just outside Reykjavik

The Perlan & Fireworks- The best experience of New Year I’ve had to date and would seriously recommend this for anyone looking for the wow factor and break from the normal annual celebration. The building itself is just a talking point on its own, the revolving restaurant caused quite a bit of amusing confusion. Leaving the restaurant to go view the fireworks or go to the toilet to return and find your table has moved. Quite confusing after a drink or two, okay maybe a bit more. The Ranga Hotel- well i just can’t really say anything about it other than its an experience people need to have for themselves, and definitely do not miss the hot tub outside in the snow experience.  I had a glass of 30yr old port in there, Lisa had a cocktail and we were in there 2 hours through midnight under a full starlit sky (as you can tell by now no mention of the Northern Lights). So  all in all, a fantastic trip, worth every penny and memory. Highly recommended.  Oh and because of the fact we didn’t catch the Northern Lights, it'll be more probable that we will be doing your Sweden trip next should funds be available. Many thanks once again”

And for those worried about not seeing the Northern Lights Nasa is forecasting a double solar peak meaning they should be fantastic this winter. New years Eve is also close to a new moon so if the skies are clear the Northern Lights will be even more dramatic. Obviously we cannot guarantee you will see them but the chances are good this 2013 New Years Eve.

Northern Lights over the Hot Tub at Hotel Ranga in South Iceland


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