San Martino Bend Balcony viewing seats have now just become available for the Siena Palio

By | Italian Short Breaks, Unique Events | Posted 26 Apr 2013

We have just been given the great news from our supplier in Siena that he was able to get Balcony seats on the San Martino Balcony for both July and August Palio dates. These are very in demand tickets and always sell quickly, so quite a find!

These seated positions afford a good view from two angles as positioned near a sharp bend, where quite often a lot of the action happens. Please see photos below for a better idea.


View from San Martino Bend Balcony at the Siena Palio

View from San Martino Bend Balcony at the Siena Palio

As there is no telling how long  the Mossa will take, and therefore how long it will take before the race gets underway, refreshments and a bathroom are available, however, you will need your sunblock and sunhat as the balcony is in full view of the sun.

Also included in our trip programme is the Palio Trials the day before the race. The Trials are where you first see the horses and jockeys in action, as they take to the track racing three times around the square. This is so that the judges can decide which horses are eligible for the Palio race.

To give you a full understanding of what you will be witnessing, our guides also provide a history of the Palio, taking you to the Bapistry, visiting the Piazza del Campo where the race takes place and touring the cathedral. You may even see a horse getting blessed en route! Along with all of this we include spending time with the locals at the Contrada dinner (a good luck dinner) the night before the race. On the actual race day the parades will get underway and the crowds will make for the viewing positions in the piazza.  All of this combines to really set the pulses racing for the main event!

This is one of our most popular breaks and with good reason; the build up and momentum of the Palio race is something not to be missed.

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