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Discover Jordan - Top 10 things to see !

 Jordan is a wonderful country to visit. Everyone knows about Petra, and indeed many have it on their “bucket list” of things to do, but there are so many other delights that this country has to offer as well. As Jordan is such a small country it is possible to explore it all in a relatively short time and truly experience all it has to offer

So what are the Top 10 Things to See in Jordan?

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Cooking in the Petra Kitchen in Jordan

By: Linda Best | Blog, Jordan Private Tours | Posted: 17 Jul 2014

 This fantastic cookery school is situated bang in the centre of Petra and gives you a lovely opportunity to learn to cook lots of dishes that you are likely to have eaten during your travels in Jordan.

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Should I go to Petra, Jordan ?

Most people recognise the classic Petra picture, the spectacular monastery carved into the hills. It is an iconic image which sums up the adventure we lost ourselves in years ago whilst watching Indiana Jones. It’s a common bucket list visit even though you may not know much about it. 

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Situation in Jordan

Latest Communication from our partner in Jordan We understand your concern after seeing the events unfold in North Africa, I can assure you that Jordan is very different from these countries. For example, the Egyptians and Libyans have had a repressive regime which they despised for years, while Jordanians...

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Jordan Travel - Insiders View

By: Abigail Street | Blog, Jordan Private Tours, Discovery and Adventure | Posted: 10 Feb 2011

Please see an article from our partner in Jordan Life here is going on normally. I really do not see anything out of the ordinary. The new prime minister is well liked, though some other parties have continued some small peaceful demonstrations. There have been no large scale demonstrations during the...

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