Wilderness Father Christmas Break in Swedish Lapland

By Abigail Collins | Northern Lights Holidays, Lapland | Posted 20 Dec 2011


I have just returned from our private Father Christmas Weekend Break in  Kangos in Swedish Lapland. What a magical place – Cosy log cabins overlooking the frozen lake which has a tiny island on where Father Christmas lives in a Tepee.

I really fell in love with Kangos and felt very emotional leaving. It is a beautiful place set in remote wilderness. Walking at midnight over the frozen lake under a full moon surrounded by trees laden with snow is pretty much as good as it gets in my eyes!

I will never forget the sight of my 6 year old bombing around the frozen lake behind a dog sled – actually driving it herself! - what an amazing experience for her. She totally loved the whole break – ironically Father Christmas was not a highlight for her – it is Huskies, Huskies, Huskies!.

Not to say that it wasn’t a very special Father Christmas moment and the reindeer ride across the flame-lit frozen lake at night to visit him in his tepee on the island in the middle of the lake was lovely - but the highlight by far for her was the day sled ride and the 8 week old husky puppies they were allowed to cuddle.

We drove our own Husky dog Sled teams through the wilderness snow covered forest. It really is Narnia! In the Kennels the sound of the dogs barking and howling is deafening but within microseconds of us starting silence descended and all you can hear is their paws crunching on the snow, the squeals of delight of the children and the Musher encouraging the dogs on - "Ya" and "Bravo" seemed to do the trick for us since the dogs only understand Swedish! Only this lodge uses this area for trips so we did not come across anybody at all on our Dog Sled Trip. It really was our Sled Dog teams, the  Wilderness and us! As my daughter said “I could do this for ever Mummy”

The second day both the children (aged 5 upwards) and the adults (not saying!) had the chance to drive snowmobiles- the kids loved bombing around the lake –often going off piste off the snow track that the team had made in the morning to make it easier for them– and the fact they just had to let go of the handles to stop was very reassuring for them…and us ! Our Snowmobile drive was in the dark which was just beautiful with the headlights lighting up the way – so magical.

And for some children the highlight was ice fishing and catching their first trout ! Once they got used to the fact that they could stand on the ice and fish in an ice hole and it wouldn’t crack (We were told it was strong enough to have 3 cars piled one on top of each other) they really got into it!

The team are fabulous and go every effort to make sure everyone has a great time including bursting into song on the guitar in the evenings, and making sure its fun for the children to dress in their arctic wear so they actually do dress and stay warm, or cooking up a special meal for the more fussy children.

We found our 6 year old had written in her diary

“My list of favourite things in life

No 1. Husky Sled Riding

No 2. Husky Sled Riding”

….I agree with her!


For the Weekend a La Carte 2012 Father Christmas Break at Kangos

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As a result of her experience in travel Abigail has worked on some of the more unusual or long haul breaks such as Jordan, Slovenia, India, Istanbul and Iceland.

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