Honeymoon in Marrakech

By Linda Best | Moroccan Holidays, Discovery and Adventure | Posted 08 May 2013

We decided to just take a 5 day honeymoon, in hind-site I wish we had taken a longer break and also spent another few days in one of the beautiful spa resorts out of town, we were so exhausted after the wedding, even though people tell you this is going to happen I was absolutely sure it wouldn’t really affect me, but shockingly I was useless for a least 2-3 days afterwards, not quite the start to married life you expect.  However, there was a remedy :  Marrakech.  

Arriving at the Riad in Marrakech

The majestic colours are the magnet to this vibrant city and walking into the Jemaa el Fna (the market square) on the first night absolutely takes your breath away, it’s just not possible to absorb everything at once, luckily we were staying in the beautiful Riad Kniza within the city walls and so had the opportunity to go to the square several times as everything is within walking distance.  They expect to get over 100,000 people go  through the square on any weekend night. 
The colours are the first thing you notice, there is not a beige in sight, I have never seen anywhere else in the world which has such a fantastic array of colour.  All the stalls and souks are displayed in such a beautiful way that the contrast seems to
compliment each other effortlessly.

Riad Kniza in Marrakech

You do however have to have your wits about you, the Moroccans are fantastic salespeople and will entice you in with lots of humorous comments but the bartering system is something you will get used to, it’s all part of the buying experience there.  The quality of lots of the items we bought was without doubt created by very skilled craftsman who have handed their
skills down the generations, as the souks are all open huts you can often see them making their stock.  If you love to
people watch, then this is the destination for you.  There is never a dull moment.

Linda dressed as the locals !

The Moroccans have an admiral quality of choosing buildings to be very plain and unidentifiable on the outside but then you have the opulence and grandeur awaiting on the inside. They don’t like to boast about their belongings and every door could be a very plain house or a palace!  On arrival we did not know about this philosophy and as we were lead down the dusty alleyway and told this was our Riad, I thought the guide had made a mistake but then the door opened to the most welcome sight, everything was ornate but tasteful and our suite was more than I had hoped for.  Attention to detail everyday was second to none and this made us feel totally pampered and special.  Just the words you want to hear about your honeymoon destination!

Not a Schwartz jar in sight on this spice stall in Marrakech

In the main square at Marrakech - Djemaa El Fna square




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