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I have just returned from a wonderful trip to Marrakech in March and wanted to share my findings with you. Knowing that we have 4 fantastic breaks on the website featuring this destination, but we were keen to expand the options of accommodation, I went on a fact finding mission to do just that.

I was fortunate enough to stay at Mosaic Palais Aziza, a charming hotel just under one year old. At just 10-15 mins drive outside of the castle walls,this was quite a find. The hotel boasts 30 rooms including balconies overlooking the swimming pools and villas. The staff were incredibly attentive to my every need and the food as a first time visitor to Marrakech was fantastic. It really was a wrench to leave the hotel each day. To wake up to the birds singing as the only noise in the morning, was very refreshing and immediately made me start to relax. I made sure there was time on my schedule to sample the swimming pool, although at only 17 degrees on the day, I chose the heated pool!

Mosaic Palais Aziza in Marrakech


On the second day I visited the Amanjena Hotel, a five star luxurious retreat which for a higher budget has to be first choice on everyone’s wish list. With standard rooms built more like deluxe villas, there was no way you would give home a second thought once you had unpacked. Being next to a golf course was also a good selling point!

Amanjena Hotel in Morocco

For those wanting to stay within the hustle and bustle of the main city I would recommend either La Mamounia or Delano Hotels, both right in the heart of the centre. To feel the local culture, you can’t do better than this. Both offer 5 star service and mouth watering food.

On the last evening I had a tour of the Selman hotel conveniently located around 5-10 minutes from the airport. Again very near to the city walls, but built in 5 hectares of land, the Selman Hotel was tranquillity at its best. I even got to experience champagne in the stables as the hotel has a afinity with race horses; the passion of the owner.  The hotel despite its size felt very cosy and again served up perhaps the best meal of the whole trip. As all the food was amazing, that was quite a feat!

Selman Hotel in Marrakech


For me as a first timer to Marrakech, the main question before I left home was which would be better; a riad within the city walls or a hotel just outside. Both have their own merits. The riads are nearer to the action whilst also being small and intimate. However, the slightly larger hotels just outside are not to be forgotten. Only 10 minutes outside the walls give you space and helps you to unwind from everyday life.  It can be good to have the contrast between the two – busy during the day and quieter at night.

For those wanting sheer luxury I would recommend Amanjena Hotel and the Selman Hotels. Both offer a top level service whilst also being near to the city and airport.  If you want to be in the city La Mamounia and the Delano are your two best options. Hard to choose between them as both complement each other! However, if you wanted to stay outside of the city and enjoy space and tranquillity, than Mosaic Palais Aziza is the place to head.



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