New Lake Bled Lights Festival Break

By Abigail Collins | Blog, Romantic Escapes | Posted 05 Mar 2015

One of our favourite destinations is Lake Bled in Slovenia which has a very special atmosphere at all times of the year, with Spring and Autumn being particularly beautiful times to visit. There is something innately beautiful about this lake nestled in the Julian Alps, which are often covered in snow, whilst you swim at the warmer lower altitude in the lake. A medieval Fortress towers over the Lake with superb views across to the island in the middle of the lake. This island has a tiny 17th century church perched on it , with it’s famous bell. It is said that if you ring the bell your wishes will come true, and certainly it is a favourite spot for lovers to ask for this wish to be fulfilled. You reach the island either via a rowing boat, or on one of the traditional hand oared Pletna boats by a Pletna Oarsman.

However we have just worked up a new break Lake Bled Holiday that we are very excited about which is in July and coincides with the Lake Bled Lights Festival, so you can experience an even more romantic time. 

On 18th July 2015 the locals light around 10,000 candles and place them in “eggshells” creating a sea of candles across the lake. This scene is best viewed from Hotel Toplice where we have secured some Lake View rooms with Balconies over the lake. So relax and sit on your balcony with a bottle of sparkling wine and watch this gentle scene unfold infront of you. After you have been lulled into a place of peace and serenity you will be jolted awake with a tremendous firework display which lights up the medieval castle high up on the cliffs, and is reflected in the lake creating an explosion of light and colour.

With a “His and Her” massage, a private tour of the castle, a dawn hot air ballooning journey which can go as low as 50 m above the lake, and a private Fiaker horse and carriage ride what is there not to like on this special Lake Bled Lights Festival Break?

Lake Bled in Slovenia


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Creating unique new breaks with new experiences is her forte!

As a result of her experience in travel Abigail has worked on some of the more unusual or long haul breaks such as Jordan, Slovenia, India, Istanbul and Iceland.

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