Apple have created a Northern Lights forecast App for your mobile phones

By | Northern Lights Holidays | Posted 01 Dec 2011


The new Lapland and Iceland season is now upon us and as such we have quite a few excited people who can’t wait to see the Northern Lights. To help plan for your experience, Apple have created an aurora forecast app (link to website - This clever little app lets you see 8 days of Northern Lights viewing for both Iceland and Lapland in the north, (along with the southern hemisphere as well). To access this app, all you need is either an ipad, iphone or ipod with either Wifi and/or 3G signal. The two links below will help you to find and install this app:

For iPad users, go to and click on the “Install” button.

For iphone and ipod users, go into your App Store and on the search option type in “Aurora Forecast”. Click on the app (looks the same as the photo below) and press the “Install” button.

Both of these devices will then show you a date screen as per below first screenshot: Click on the date you are interested in and scroll down to the Iceland and Lapland bar to see, as per the second screenshot. This way you will be fully up to date with the aurora!


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