Husky Dogs and Northern Lights

By Abigail Collins | Northern Lights Holidays | Posted 01 Jul 2013

We arrived at the Kennels and the Husky Dogs were already harnessed up and waiting for us for our Northern Lights Hunt. We were hustled into a wooden shed where we put on our arctic clothing - an all in one, boots, gloves, balaclava and hat. I'd already layered up with thermals, tights , t shirts, jeans and fleece so i looked like the proverbial Michelin Man, but i didn't care ...I just wanted to be warm!

I wasnt' looking forward to this. It was minus thirty degrees celcius and snowing heavily and i didnt' think it was going to be much fun. My husband and I sat on the sledge and with a jerk the sledge hurtled off. The dogs were keen - i'd give them that much! We were basically going out in a blizzard and it was so bad that we couldn't even see the lead dogs. We were going out on a Northern Lights Hunt and i just didn't understand why we were still going as everyone know you can't see the Northern Lights through thick cloud and snow. It was so cold that the snot inside my nostril froze and I huddled down miserable until we reached a lavu (think Red Indian tepee) where we were stopping for dinner. I couldn't even enjoy the ride as you couldn't see more than 5 ft either side or ahead. I have no idea how the guide knew where to go.

At the Lavu our guide quickly light a fire and whipped up an amazing reindeer casserole stew. Delicious and warming. We relaxed and chatted secure inside away from the cold outside. Later on i neeed to do a Number 1 (as they say in polite society) so popped outside and I couldn't believe it ! The blizzard had stopped, the skies had cleared and there was a wonderful display of green Northern Lights. "Quick come outside" i cried - all needs of the loo forgotten!

Northern Lights on form

Our guide came out grinning "You didn't believe me did you Abigail? I told you they would come!" What a wonderful image that i will never forget. The lavu lit up by the fire, the dogs lying silent on the snow with the lights dancing above them. "Come on, let me give you two one of the most romantic nights of your lives" said our guide.

As so the most magical 2 hours started. Sitting on a sledge as the huskies ran silently across the froze lakes and through the snowladen trees - all the time beneath the ever changing northern lights. Greens, reds and even a hint of purple as the Aurora Borealis shimmered, shifted and fell through the skies. Oh how glad i was i came!!"

About Abigail Collins

Abigail has spent 20 years in Marketing and Product Development, and over 25 years avidly travelling around the globe. New experiences are her passion and as a result her travel has been as varied as partying at the Carnival in Brazil, Hiking in the Yukon, diving in the Cocos Islands and living with an Aboriginal community in Australia.

Creating unique new breaks with new experiences is her forte!

As a result of her experience in travel Abigail has worked on some of the more unusual or long haul breaks such as Jordan, Slovenia, India, Istanbul and Iceland.

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