20 “Must Do’s” if you are child visiting Oman

By Abigail Collins | Other Adventures, Discovery and Adventure | Posted 23 May 2013

       1.       Take a Sunrise or Sunset Trek on a Camel through the Sand Dunes looking out over miles of

              desert as far as you can see

Kristyna with her camel in the desert at Wahiba Sands in Oman

2.       Take a boat trip from Muscat to see hundreds of Dolphins leaping and diving

3.       Stay up late and watch Turtles laying eggs, and hatchlings emerge from their nest and run down the beach into the sea

4.       Stay at Al Waha at Shangri-La Barr Al Jissah Resort in Muscat and jump into a rubber hoop in the Lazy River that flows through the gardens and acts as “transport” from one Swimming Pool to another.

Floating down the lazy river at the Shangrila complex in Oman

5.       Hunt for the many sea coral fossils 2,000 M high up in the Mountains at Jebel Akhdhar

6.       Do Rolly Pollys down a 80m high Sand Dune

Just reaching the top of the sand dune at Wahiba Sands in Oman

7.       Find the secret trap doors in the many 17th Century Portuguese built forts

8.       Have a Henna painting done on your hand by a Bedouin lady

Bedouin lady doing a Hennah pattern on Kristynas hand in Oman

9.       Go Dune Bashing in the Desert in a 4 WD – Prepare to go backwards!

10.   Swim on beautiful beaches and in the Bimah Sinkhole

11.   See Frankincense be harvested from the trees in the South

12.   Explore 400 yr old mud villages

13.   Go to the Souks and buy traditional dress and headwear, jewellery or camel toys

14.   Find Iridium – originally created 65 Million years ago when the Meteorite hit the planet and wiped out the Dinosaurs

15.   Take a hair raising but stunning 4 WD safari on a Mountain track from Nizwa to Muscat through the Mountains

16.   Walk along the Falaj irrigation canals as if you are on the beam, and watch the villagers diverting waters for their crops

Hennah pattern done by a bedouin lady near Wahiba sands in Oman

17.   Discover Palm Tree Oasis rising out of the arid landscape

18.   Visit The Grand Mosque in Muscat and hear the call to prayer ring out 5 times a day

Walking along the Falaj irrigation Channels at Misfat village in Oman

19.   Explore some of the many Wadis – stopping for a swim

20.   Look through a telescope to see Saturn’s Ring, 3 of Jupiter’s Moons and the craters in our Moon from Hotel Sahab up in the mountains.

Visiting the Grand Mosque in Muscat. Even 7 yr old girls have to cover up!

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