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Hotel Focus – Palazzo Ravizza Palio Siena

By: | Palio, Unique Events | Posted: 25 Feb 2015

While attending our Palio Siena package break, you need a good hotel within the city walls, which is within walking distance of the main sites. One of our favourite hotels in Siena is Palazzo Ravizza, which is only 600 metres from the Piazza del Campo – the location of the Palio Siena Horse Race.

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The 24 hours leading up to Il Palio Siena

People often get confused on how long the Palio takes and what it actually consists of. I thought I would try and explain how the 24 hours of the Palio works.The actual Palio only takes about 1 ½ minutes long – It is 3 laps around the campo. However there is so much to be seen and enjoyed leading up to the actual race that really adds to the excitement and atmosphere of the Palio

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Dining in Siena during Il Palio

We have previously written about the Palio, and the factors to consider when booking a Palio position, This time we thought we would give you some ideas as to where to eat in SIena. We would recommend you reserve a table at any of them as it can get very busy during the Siena Palio!





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Factors to consider when going to the Palio 2012 Siena

By: Abigail | Palio, Unique Events | Posted: 21 Sep 2011

When thinking about going to the bareback Palio race in Siena there are some factors that you should take into account when making your choice:- Visibility of the Mossa, Access to activities around the Palio, Closeness to the Action, Amount of Shade during the event, Hotel Location and parking options, Personal Space during the event, Access to a Loo during the event,

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Palio Siena Visit

Last week i returned from an exhausting 24 hour period in Siena when i went to review the Palio balconies, windows and hotels that we offer for the Palio . Of course others from Weekend a La Carte have visited and reviewed but this was my first time and I am thrilled with the Palio  positions...

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