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It has just been announced that St Petersburg in Russia has been named the European Tourist Destination of the year for the second year in a row by The World Travel Awards

We are not surprised as St Petersburg has so much to offer in terms of stunning palaces nearby such as Peterhof, The Peter and Paul Fortress with its dramatic spire, beautiful art at the Hermitage and of course it’s world renown ballet at the Mariinsky Theatre. 

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St Petersburg Short Break whilst the temporary flower garden is on anyone?

By: Abigail Collins | Blog, Russia, Other Adventures | Posted: 30 Apr 2015

 St Petersburg is a beautiful place to visit in the summer, especially if you visit Peterhoff with its famed fountains , which are only turned on in the summer. We would recommend you visit Peterhoff by hydrofoil on the river - a more enjoyable relaxed way to arrive - and a great way to miss the traffic !

However for three days in June 2015 there is another reason to visit as from 10th until 12th June the Palace Square infront of the world famous Hermitage in St.Petersburg will turn into a huge flower garden.  T

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Pancake day in Russia

By: Abigail Collins | Blog, Russia, Other Adventures | Posted: 09 Mar 2011

In Russia they celebrate Pancake day before Lent - Just the same as in the UK - except it lasts a week and is called the Maslenitsa week. During this week they make pancakes or blinis, as they call it in Russia. There are different types of blinis: small (oladushki), big (blini), potato pancakes (draniki),...

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