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Weekend a la Carte - The Different Types of Holidays


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Hotel Focus – Palazzo Ravizza Palio Siena

By: | Palio, Unique Events | Posted: 25 Feb 2015

While attending our Palio Siena package break, you need a good hotel within the city walls, which is within walking distance of the main sites. One of our favourite hotels in Siena is Palazzo Ravizza, which is only 600 metres from the Piazza del Campo – the location of the Palio Siena Horse Race.

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New Short break from Weekend a La Carte offering the Salzburg Music Festival

 This Music Festival has such a wide repertoire that there really is something for everyone with Opera, Drama and Concerts on what feels like every corner of the city. The great and the good flock to the city for this 5 weeks festival which runs between 18th July – 30th August in 2015, though sadly direct connections from the UK are limited with only BA from Gatwick and Ryan Air from Stansted offering flights.

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Top 10 things to do whilst in Verona this summer

Having just returned from seeing Aida at the Verona Opera i have to share with you my top 10 things to do whilst in Verona 

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Expect to be the centre of attention at Venice Carnival in your historical costume

By: Abigail Collins | Venice Carnival, Unique Events | Posted: 25 Jun 2013

 I was promenading at the Venice Carnival in historical costume through the streets of Venice...and i felt great!

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Plan what accessories to take to the Venice Carnival

By: | Venice Carnival, Unique Events, Romantic Escapes | Posted: 04 Jun 2013

 Venice Carnival is one of the main events in Italy taking place every year. As expected there are quite a few Carnival balls to choose from and this can take some time deciding which one to attend, however, one thing not to be forgotten is the attire.

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San Martino Bend Balcony viewing seats have now just become available for the Siena Palio

By: | Italian Short Breaks, Unique Events | Posted: 26 Apr 2013

We have just been given the great news from our supplier in Siena that he was able to get Balcony seats on the San Martino Balcony for both July and August Palio dates. These are very in demand tickets and always sell quickly, so quite a find!

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Celebrating Verdi's bicentenary

By: Elizabeth Smythe | Verona Opera Holidays, Unique Events, Romantic Escapes | Posted: 29 Nov 2012

2013 marks the bicentenary of Verdi's birth and fans the world-over will be commemorating in his honour. To celebrate along with other 'Verdians', here are some of the venues and organisations that are holding events in Italy during the anniversary year:

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The 24 hours leading up to Il Palio Siena

People often get confused on how long the Palio takes and what it actually consists of. I thought I would try and explain how the 24 hours of the Palio works.The actual Palio only takes about 1 ½ minutes long – It is 3 laps around the campo. However there is so much to be seen and enjoyed leading up to the actual race that really adds to the excitement and atmosphere of the Palio

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Understanding the difference between the Venetian Carnival 2013 Masked Balls

I have written previously about the different Venice Carnival Masked Balls and this is adding to that detail

It can be a bit confusing and difficult to make a choice between the different Venice Carnival Masked Balls as they are all held in the same stunning Palazzo Pisani-Moretta on the Grand Canal , all have a level of wonderful entertainment and now all have served dinner. I hope this blog will help you to understand and choose which is the most appropriate Ball for you.

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