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Expect to be the centre of attention at Venice Carnival in your historical costume

By: Abigail Collins | Venice Carnival, Unique Events | Posted: 25 Jun 2013

 I was promenading at the Venice Carnival in historical costume through the streets of Venice...and i felt great!

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Plan what accessories to take to the Venice Carnival

By: | Venice Carnival, Unique Events, Romantic Escapes | Posted: 04 Jun 2013

 Venice Carnival is one of the main events in Italy taking place every year. As expected there are quite a few Carnival balls to choose from and this can take some time deciding which one to attend, however, one thing not to be forgotten is the attire.

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Dining at the Met Restaurant in Venice

Whilst I was in Venice I was luckily enough to be invited to dine at the Met Restaurant at the Metropole Hotel. Back in January the restaurant lost its Michelin Star rating as the chef moved to work elsewhere, and the Chef always automatically takes the Starring with him. The remaining team were keen to share with me what had changed since then, and to reassure me on the quality of the restaurant with the new chef.

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Understanding the difference between the Venetian Carnival 2013 Masked Balls

I have written previously about the different Venice Carnival Masked Balls and this is adding to that detail

It can be a bit confusing and difficult to make a choice between the different Venice Carnival Masked Balls as they are all held in the same stunning Palazzo Pisani-Moretta on the Grand Canal , all have a level of wonderful entertainment and now all have served dinner. I hope this blog will help you to understand and choose which is the most appropriate Ball for you.

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How to enjoy Venice Carnival in historical costumes at a lower price point

Venetian Masked Balls In a previous blog i discussed the differences between the Venetian Masked Balls at Venice. Here I discuss some of the other events happening at Venice Carnival 2013 which still allow you to throw yourself into the spirit of Carnival wearing historical costumes, but at a lower price point.

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New Break offering Best of the last 18 years of the Doges Balls at Venice Carnival

2012 brings a one off event to celebrate the 18th anniversary of  the world famous Ballo Del Doges. Drawing on themes from previous balls this 3 night break includes flights, Ball Tickets to the Best of Il Ballo Del Doges, Costume hire and 3 nights at the elegant Metropole hotel.

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Mascheranda Ball at Venice Carnival

What great shots one of our returning clients has just sent us of the Mascheranda Ball at the Venice Carnival. Below is their account of their time at the Venice Carnival. "The first thing to say is that we both had a fabulous time - every bit as good as you said it would be Kevin. As a bonus we were...

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