Dining at the Met Restaurant in Venice

By Abigail Collins | Venice Carnival, Italian Short Breaks, Romantic Escapes | Posted 17 Jul 2012

Whilst I was in Venice I was luckily enough to be invited to dine at the Met Restaurant at the Metropole Hotel. Back in January the restaurant lost its Michelin Star rating as the chef moved to work elsewhere, and the Chef always automatically takes the Starring with him. The remaining team were keen to share with me what had changed since then, and to reassure me on
the quality of the restaurant with the new chef.

Since Jan the restaurant had been refurbished and a new team has been brought in to manage the restaurant. The new decoration and furnishings are  beautiful, with a small raised up area designed to look like a private exclusive dining room, and the whole restaurant oozing elegance and luxury. It is a relatively small restaurant with only 26 people being able to be seated at any one time (if seated as couples), and the team have worked hard to retain character, elegance and intimacy.

A great new Menu concept has been developed where you are offered two tasting Menus . Both are based on the same ingredients but cooked with different techniques – one contemporary and one traditional. Apparently normally a couple will chose one of each so they can compare and share which is a fun way to add a new dimension to enjoying dinner. As I was dining on my own I indulged on a mixture of contemporary and traditional to give me a feel for the menu.

Beautifully presented I tried things that normally I am not keen on but which were flavoured to perfection; Three different flavours of Polenta melted in my mouth, whilst tender veal excited my taste buds, and paired wines complimented the different courses. I’m not going to pretend to be a food expert that can critique specific menus and cooking techniques, but I
can say the food was fantastic , beautifully cooked and appealingly presented and served in relaxing but lush surroundings, by a delightful, extremely attentive and charming team.

I don’t think that was particularly because I was from Weekend a La Carte. During the evening I observed the team adapting to the different needs of their customers, chatting quite extensively to an elderly gentleman who was on his own and was clearly looking for a bit of company, whilst focusing on discreet service for the group of 6 who all left shaking the hands of the Manager they had had such a lovely evening.

Certainly I left reassured that the standard is still extremely high, and that  a lovely evening would be had if dining on one of their tasting menus at the Met restaurant in Venice.


About Abigail Collins

Abigail has spent 20 years in Marketing and Product Development, and over 25 years avidly travelling around the globe. New experiences are her passion and as a result her travel has been as varied as partying at the Carnival in Brazil, Hiking in the Yukon, diving in the Cocos Islands and living with an Aboriginal community in Australia.

Creating unique new breaks with new experiences is her forte!

As a result of her experience in travel Abigail has worked on some of the more unusual or long haul breaks such as Jordan, Slovenia, India, Istanbul and Iceland.

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