Expect to be the centre of attention at Venice Carnival in your historical costume

By Abigail Collins | Venice Carnival, Unique Events | Posted 25 Jun 2013

"Just stop and look this way could you for the camera?"

 "Bellissima, "Bravo"

"You look amazing"

I was loving this. Infact i could really get used to this! Now i know what it feels like to be a celebrity.

I was promenading at the Venice Carnival in historical costume through the streets of Venice...and i felt great!

We had decided to walk away from St Marks Square which was packed and instead enjoy the beauty and peace of the backstreets of Venice. However that meant we were the only ones in historical costume and so were the centre of attention and everyone wanted to take a photo of us!

Promenading at the Venice Carnival

My dress was stunning and about 5 foot wide , held out with a series of hoops. Whenever i went sideways thinking i could try and slip past someone in a narrow alleyway it didn't help at all as it was just as wide that way as well!

We had picked up our costumes in the morning, and after a bit of tinkering to make sure it fitted were released onto the streets in all our splendour!

For me the highlight of our promenade was stopping for lunch. We were lucky, the sun was out and we sat on the terrace of the Westin Europa and had lunch and a bottle of prosecco. To be honest i think they had just stopped taking lunch orders when we arrived, but they let us slip in at the last minute; I believe we were a good visual addition to their terrace!

What a wonderful way to spend a couple of hours watching the coming and goings of the Grand Canal, sipping Prosecco with a delicious fish lunch in historical costume. I'd highly recommend it!

Abigail at the Westin Europa for lunch at Venice Carnival

Is there anything we would different? I would think about the practicalities of our masks before we bought them. Whilst the 3/4/full masks look wonderful my husband found it very difficult to eat and drink whilst wearing his. Good luck and enjoy - it's a wonderful moment and a memory.


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Abigail has spent 20 years in Marketing and Product Development, and over 25 years avidly travelling around the globe. New experiences are her passion and as a result her travel has been as varied as partying at the Carnival in Brazil, Hiking in the Yukon, diving in the Cocos Islands and living with an Aboriginal community in Australia.

Creating unique new breaks with new experiences is her forte!

As a result of her experience in travel Abigail has worked on some of the more unusual or long haul breaks such as Jordan, Slovenia, India, Istanbul and Iceland.

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