Plan what accessories to take to the Venice Carnival

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You need to have a good atelier, which with your measurements can help you select the best costume for your tastes and body shape. For the duration of your stay in Venice, you have to not only look the part but feel it too in your historical costume. As Carnival season is more than just one evening, Venetians and tourists alike take to St Mark’s Square in their finery and spend the daytime promenading, enjoying hot chocolate and romantic gondola excursions all in historical dress.

Whilst the atelier helps you with your choice, do not forget the accessories. In some ways these can be even more important. For example, most of us have experienced getting dressed up for the evening only to discover those new shoes are pinching
dreadfully and ended the evening in pain. That’s why you need to be sure of what exactly is included in the cost by your atelier. For example whilst shoes can be rented at the atelier, it is often better to take your own to ensure good fit and comfort. For the men buckles can be rented to turn their everyday shoes into period footwear. 

Historical Costume for hire from Tragicomica Atelier

Another additional cost can be masks and jewellery. Venice is world renowned for the best selection of masks, however, many are not locally produced and those that are can be very costly. They also need to be bought rather than hired due to hygiene reasons.  We would recommend you consider purchasing a good mask before you go and taking this with you. Likewise for jewellery, it is better to take your own and then you know what you are comfortable in and what suits necklines etc. Necklaces and earrings can be purchased, but cannt be rented from the Ateliers again due to hygiene.

Finally if you wish to take anything with you to the ball you may want to check if your costume includes a period handbag. If not you may wish to consider taking a little evening handbag with you to pop  in the makeup and any other little extras. Easily forgotten and you dont want to be carrying around your large day handbag which would spoil the look.

Those accessories that can be rented at the atelier are wigs and capes, which normally range from around €50 - €125 per person on average.

The main point is that you are happy with the overall look and feel, so good planning beforehand is important. Remember the ateliers are good sales people who are happy to encourage you to leave their shop having spent more than you planned!



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