Understanding the difference between the Venetian Carnival 2013 Masked Balls

By Abigail Collins | Venice Carnival, Italian Short Breaks, Unique Events | Posted 26 Jun 2012

Venice Carnival 2013

Last month I was lucky enough to go to Venice for a series of meetings. As I sat on the water bus going up the Grand Canal in the sun I considered how lucky I was – most people get to Manchester or Birmingham for their meetings!

In this blog I will elaborate a bit more on the different Venetian Masked balls, and in a future blog talk about the other different Venice Carnival 2013 events

I met the three main event organisers for the Venice Carnival. It was fascinating talking to them and getting to understand even better the nuances and the difference between the different balls. It can be a bit confusing and difficult to make a choice between them as the main Balls are all held in the same stunning Palace, all have a level of wonderful entertainment and now all have served dinner. I hope this blog will help you to understand and choose which is the most appropriate Ball for you.

The Palazzo Pisani-Moretta overlooks the Grand Canal and is frescoed by some of the most outstanding Venetian artists. For these main balls it is lit by candlelight only on the 1st floor and it is truly breathtaking.

Il Ballo del Doge

Il Ballo del Doge is one of Italy’s most prestigious events and voted into one of the top 10 iconic things to do in a lifetime. The
Ballo del Doge brings together a celebrity audience from around the world who mingle “incognito” behind spectacular costumes and masks. Every year a totally new theme is created which runs through every little detail from costumes to music to dinner settings and decoration. A whole year goes into its planning. The Ball will be celebrating its 20th birthday in 2013, and the theme is “It’s all about AMORE....eros, passion or romance? Set in the exquisite historical Palazzo Pisani Moretta, all three
floors will be perfectly themed to host Eros on the 1st Noble Floor, Passion on the second floor and romance on the ground  floor. There are different ticket categories – VIP, FULL and After Dinner.

The VIP guests arrive the first to entertainment and music. After a welcome glass of champagne listening to music the
guests are invited upstairs to the 1st Floor Noble rooms to dine by candlelight amongst lavish and beautiful settings. These rooms are intimate and personal, some with outstanding frescoes and you will be entertained by jesters, comedians, magicians amongst others who will move from table to table engaging the guests during the meal.

FULL guests will arrive @ an hour after the VIP guests. After a welcome glass of champagne you will be invited upstairs to the 2nd  floor where there is one large room which has been decorated to host “Passion”. Here jesters, comedians, magicians and
entertainers will perform on a stage as you dine.

AFTER DINNER tickets are for those guests who wish to just see the main entertainment after dinner.

After dinner everyone will move to stand in the main Noble Hall on the 1st Floor to watch a series of outstanding and exquisite performances themed to AMORE.

Soon after the disco and bar will open on the ground floor where you can dance until 2.30/3am or remain and chat at your tables. We would certainly recommend after dinner you parade around the Palazzo and see all the beautiful individually decorated rooms. This is the biggest ball with @410 guests all wearing stunning costumes but can feel a bit crowded at times.

For many this is a “Once in a Lifetime Opportunity” and we would certainly recommend you take the VIP option so as to experience this extraordinary Ball for as long, and in the most beautiful rooms, as possible. The ball is held on the 9th Feb 2013.

The best of …..Il Ballo del Doge

Following the success of the first The best of...Il Ballo Del Doge Ball last year, 2013 will see The best ...of Il Ballo Del Doge Ball
open the Venice Carnival festivities. This Ball will capture the essence of the Il Ballo Del Doge Balls from the last 19 years using a medley of the most spectacular performances, scenography, costumes and centerpieces from previous years.

For those whose budget cannot stretch to the Il Ballo del Doge it is a good way to experience some of the magic of Il Ballo del Doge without the cost. The guests costumes will likely not be as extravagant as Il Ballo del Doge, but the atmosphere, entertainment and setting is still superb. As the numbers are restricted to @ only 300 people there is a more intimate feel than the Il Ballo del Doge Ball and everyone will be seated in the exquisite Noble rooms on the 1st floor, some of which are frescoed, with the main entertainment being in the main middle room on the 1st floor after dinner. The ball is held on the 2nd Feb 2013.

At Weekend a La Carte we are very excited as Exclusive to Weekend a La Carte clients we have negotiated with Antonia Sautter, the organiser, so that our clients attending Il Ballo del Doge and The best of ….Il Ballo del Doge can also keep their stunning historical costumes throughout their break giving them several opportunities to promenade through Venice. Without doubt this is one of the highlights of your break – You will be amazed how wonderful you feel in these beautiful costumes as many people stop you to take pictures. You may wish to avoid St Marks Square which can get very crowded.

Mascheranda Ball

The Mascheranda Masquerade Ball celebrates all of the Venetian 18th Century Carnivals. Of all the current Venetian balls
this is the ball designed to give you the atmosphere of an 18thCentury Baroque Celebration with plenty of involvement and participation by yourselves. A true lively Venetian party.

You will be thrilled by an evening of music, fantasy, entertainments, colour and warmth. Right from your arrival Casanova with his lady, Comic Artists, Belly Dancers, Fortune Tellers, Palmists and Magicians will entertain you.

Weekend a La Carte clients are all seated for dinner in the main Noble room with VIP tickets- the top category ticket which means they will be seated overlooking the classical Baroque quartet during the grand traditional Venetian dinner. All guests are seated on the 1st floor in the Noble rooms, with Standard ticket guests being in the side Noble rooms. After dinner there is a search for the Cassanova of the year from the 2013 guests which is great fun and can be quite lively and hotly contested!

This is followed by the School of Historical Dances who will instruct guests on minuetto ,passamezzo and other classical historical dances, while downstairs they can dance to a disco with dj and live performers.

This ball held, on the 10th February, is a super balance of Carnival fantasy with a bit more space, as the ball is for @
250 people, whilst offering an affordable price point .

Tiepolo Ball

The glamorous and elegant Tiepolo Ball  will immerse guests in the Venice of the late 18th Century. It has a refined, historical atmosphere replicating the Balls of the 18th Century, and of all the balls at the Venetian Carnival, has the most traditional dancing in.

As you savour your welcome cocktail clowns, mime artists and jesters entertain you. The master of ceremony calls you to dinner in the Noble rooms on the 1st floor where you have the choice of being in the more intimate frescoed rooms where
entertainment moves through, or in the main room where the orchestra is based, and where the traditional dancing will occur after dinner. These are all the same priced tickets.

With only @150 guests there is plenty of room to savour the beauty of the Palace and after dinner for the master of dance and orchestra to lead you through the historical group dances. You also have the choice to dance to a live band that will play well known pop cover songs on the ground floor. This is a popular Ball for those that want to get up and dance many of the traditional dances. This ball is held on 7th Feb 2013.

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