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Top 10 things to do whilst in Verona this summer

Having just returned from seeing Aida at the Verona Opera i have to share with you my top 10 things to do whilst in Verona 

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Free Verona Opera for Centenarians

By: Linda Best | Verona Opera Holidays | Posted: 04 Jul 2013

 Were you born in 1913? Well, not only have you led a long and hopefully happy life, you now have the opportunity to take advantage of seeing an Opera performance at the Verona Opera Arena absolutely FREE. The Arena is enjoying its 100th year and would like you to join them in their celebrations whilst they once again fill the ancient and atmospheric amphitheatre with sublime music. This celebration coincides with the bicentenary of the birth of Verdi and the schedule will include stagings of some of his greatest works, including Nabucco and Rigoletto.

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Weddings & Honeymoons at Casa di Giulietta in Verona

By: | Verona Opera Holidays | Posted: 16 May 2013

For anyone planning a trip to Verona, there are several experiences not to be missed. The first is undoubtedly going to the Arena di Verona for a night of unparalleled operatic brilliance in the outdoor arena.

The second is visiting Juliet’s Balcony.

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Celebrating Verdi's bicentenary

By: Elizabeth Smythe | Verona Opera Holidays, Unique Events, Romantic Escapes | Posted: 29 Nov 2012

2013 marks the bicentenary of Verdi's birth and fans the world-over will be commemorating in his honour. To celebrate along with other 'Verdians', here are some of the venues and organisations that are holding events in Italy during the anniversary year:

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Opening Weekend of Verona Opera - What you said

We have just received the first feedback from the opening weekend of Verona Opera. Thought you would like to see 

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Where to dine in Verona

 We are often asked by our clients who on a Verona Opera Trip with us where to eat in central Verona- Here are our top favourite recommendations

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What are the Must Sees in Verona?

Verona Opera 2012 

The majority of our clients choose the Verona Opera 2012 short break to attend the opera at the Arena di Verona. However, most of the travel plans that we offer allow plenty of time for sightseeing with the Verona Pass which allows unlimited bus travel and access to most monuments, churches and museums across the city - we thought we would give you some suggestions based on our own experience and the feedback we have received:

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My visit to Verona & Lake Garda

By: | Verona Opera Holidays, Romantic Escapes | Posted: 20 Jan 2012

My experience of Verona and Lake Garda  staying at Hotel Firenze near the Arena di Verona

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Verona Opera

By: | Verona Opera Holidays, Italian Short Breaks | Posted: 22 Jul 2011

We have had such great feedback from our returning clients from the Verona Opera that we thought we would share some of it with you. There is too much to share it all but to give you a flavour. Client A "We had a very enjoyable time in Verona. The Accademia Hotel was excellent in every respect. The...

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