Top 10 things to do whilst in Verona this summer

By Kevin Collins | Verona Opera Holidays, Unique Events, Romantic Escapes | Posted 05 Aug 2013


1.       Attendi the open air Verona Opera in the spectacular Roman arena

2.      Take the lift up the Torre dei Lamberti for the panoramic views over Verona

3.      Have a post opera drink in the open-air Piazza Bra after the opera and watch the stars leave the arena

4.      Take a relaxed lunch by the Ponte Pietra in Verona listening to the river and overlooking Castel San Pietro

5.      Grab a private moment on Juliet’s balcony with your beloved 

6.      Visit Chiesa Anasatsia for its ornate decoration

7.      Dine at Marchetti restaurant before the opera - excellent food and wonderful atmosphere

8.     Visit the brand new Opera Museum - the only one in the world- to get you in the mood

9.      Frequent any of the amazing ice cream stops just to try all the flavours

10.     Try the local whites and reds and in particular Amarone- all delicious Valpolicella wines

Verona Opera

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