Weddings & Honeymoons at Casa di Giulietta in Verona

By | Verona Opera Holidays | Posted 16 May 2013

For anyone planning a trip to Verona, there are several experiences not to be missed. The first is undoubtedly going to the Arena di Verona for a night of unparalleled operatic brilliance in the outdoor arena.

The second is visiting Juliet’s Balcony. Whilst the academic world dispute whether Romeo & Juliet ever existed, and even whether Shakespeare arrived in Verona, you cannot set foot outside of your hotel without being confronted with the star crossed lovers. There is Guonod’s Romeo & Juliet opera being brought to life in the Arena, Juliet’s Tomb, and of course, the
famous balcony that Romeo declared his love.

Guonod’s Romeo & Juliet opera being brought to life in the Arena

The balcony itself is in a small courtyard adorned with love messages, lover’s  padlocks where couple’s right
their names on small locks, Juliet’s statue (remember touching the right breast brings good fortune!), and of course the aforementioned balcony.

Juliets Balcony in Verona

To date tourists have been able to take photos, buy souvenirs in the shop and even pay to stand on the balcony and re-enact the famous scene. Now however, Verona officials have decided that weddings can be conducted within this romantic backdrop, and even a night’s stay at Casa di Giulietta (Juliet’s House) is also available.

For all those visiting Verona with a Verona Pass Card, admittance to the courtyard is free, however, there is a small fee (€3
per person) for standing on the balcony.


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