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By Abigail Collins | Verona Opera Holidays, Italian Short Breaks, Romantic Escapes | Posted 10 Apr 2012

Verona Opera Trip by Weekend a La Carte

We are often asked by our clients who on a Verona Opera Trip with us where to eat in central Verona- Here are our top favourite recommendations.

Al Cristo
Situated in the heart of Verona, Ristorante Al Cristo is the venue for an optional extra wine tasting offered by Weekend a la Carte. The menu is considerably cheaper than the other suggested restaurants though highly related by previous of our clients, with starters being priced between €8 and €15, and mains starting at €12. Reservations can be made by email (info@ristorantealcristo.it) or by telephone: +39 045 594 287

12 Apostoli
With its' history dating back to the early 1900's, this traditional and charming restaurant is extremely popular. It is advisable to book in advance - reservations can easily be made via email dodiciapostoli@tiscali.it or by telephone: +39 645 596 999. Prices tend to range from €45 to €65 per person excluding wine. Closed on Sunday evenings and Mondays

Ristorante Arche
Ristorante Arche dates back to 1877 and is known in particular for its excellent fish menu. Situated beside Juliet's balcony and Romeo's house, the romantic setting is perfect for an enjoyable evening in Verona. The meat menu starts at €15, whilst the specialities menu is slightly dearer with the fish dishes starting at €21. It is advisable to book in advance, they can be contacted by telephone: +39 045 800 7415.

Ristorante Il Desco
Elegantly decorated, Ristorante Il Desco is yet another romantic setting that is perfect for a lovely evening out. The four course 'Fast Menu' costs €65, however the individual courses are more expensive, with starters being at least €38 and meat and fish dishes starting at €40. The online website allows reservations to be made, however they can also be contacted by telephone: +39 045 595 358 or  info@ildesco.com


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