Fes Festival to kick off on Friday

By Elizabeth Smythe | General Travel, Discovery and Adventure | Posted 04 Jun 2013

Friday (7 June) sees the opening of this year's Fes Festival - AKA 'the world's most spiritual music fest', travel.cnn.com reports.    

Running until 15 June, the event aims to 'harness the arts and spirituality in the service of human and social development, and the relationships between peoples and cultures'. Despite that somewhat dry-sounding objective, the annual event often showcases the most diverse and incredible artists from around the world.

To demonstrate the fact, this year's opening concert will feature flamenco vocalists, famous guitarist Paco de Lucia, Sephardic singer Francoise Atlan and Moroccan singer Cherifa. Punk legend, Patti Smith will close the event. In total, some 65 artists will be performing.

Other highlights include Syria's biggest star, Assala Nasri and a collaboration between the Chicago Gospel Experience and South Africa's Ladysmith. Of course, all of the events are held within beautiful UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

With up to 40,000 people expected to attend, the Festival may provide travellers with the opportunity to explore Morocco a little more, possibly spending a few nights travelling to Marrakech, Medina or the Atlas Mountains.

An exciting new part of the event, according to theviewfrommorocco.blogspot.co.uk, is the 'emerging festival fringe' which offers culture junkies a plethora of exhibitions, music and fun to enjoy. Visitors can expect street theatre, Flash Mobbing Fez (spontaneous dancing), a Garden Walk art project and photographic shows. 

Commenting on the event, festival managing director for Asia and North America, Zeyba Rahman said: "Fes is the cultural, intellectual and spiritual cradle of Morocco, so it is significant that this annual festival takes place in the city.

"It brings together culturally significant artists from diverse faiths from around the world and includes the highest calibre Moroccan musicians."

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