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Of all the destinations we offer we get more requests from clients celebrating a wedding anniversary or big Birthday for a break to Lapland than any of our other destinations.

It’s really not difficult to see why as a trip to the Arctic for most people is once in a lifetime experience and so completely different to almost any other holiday they have been on before. After all if you are celebrating a silver wedding anniversary or a 40th or 50th Birthday then you want an experience that stands out from what you have done previously.

Who could not be captivated by the idea of being pulled through a pristine snowy wilderness by a team of eager to please Huskies or by the thought of staying in the world famous ICEHOTEL in an individually designed Art Suite? To crown it all of why not go Northern Lights hunting in Abisko in Swedish Lapland probably the best place on earth for consistent sightings of the Northern Lights.

In addition you have unique wildlife, the indigenous Sami culture centred on reindeer herding and all manner of unique settings from fjords to mountains and icebergs to volcanoes.

In terms of places to stay there are small lodges, wilderness cabins with private chef and the unique Tree Hotel with its quirky rooms such as the Mirror Cube, Birds Nest ad UFO! Whether you are travelling as a couple or bigger group to celebrate, we can suggest itineraries that fit best for your group size.

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If you truly want to make your special moment an amazing adventure, why not combine more than one country on your Arctic Northern Lights holiday adventure. We offer great combinations of Sweden and Norway, Iceland and Sweden and Iceland and Greenland for spectacular journeys that will be forever etched on the memory.

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We have, over 14 years, built up the expertise to knit together arguably the best journeys possible in the region and have reams of feedback from satisfied clients over the years. If you have a special occasion on the horizon, then give us a call to see what we can do for you.

We are often asked by our clients who on a Verona Opera Trip with us where to eat in central Verona – here are our top favourite recommendations.

Al Cristo
Situated in the heart of Verona, Ristorante Al Cristo is the venue for an optional extra wine tasting offered by Weekend a la Carte. The menu is considerably cheaper than the other suggested restaurants though highly related by previous of our clients, with starters being priced between €8 and €15, and mains starting at €12. Reservations can be made by email (info@ristorantealcristo.it) or by telephone: +39 045 594 287.

12 Apostoli
With its’ history dating back to the early 1900’s, this traditional and charming restaurant is extremely popular. It is advisable to book in advance – reservations can easily be made via email dodiciapostoli@tiscali.it or by telephone: +39 645 596 999. Prices tend to range from €45 to €65 per person excluding wine. Closed on Sunday evenings and Mondays.

Ristorante Arche
Ristorante Arche dates back to 1877 and is known in particular for its excellent fish menu. Situated beside Juliet’s balcony and Romeo’s house, the romantic setting is perfect for an enjoyable evening in Verona. The meat menu starts at €15, whilst the specialities menu is slightly dearer with the fish dishes starting at €21. It is advisable to book in advance; they can be contacted by telephone: +39 045 800 7415.

Ristorante Il Desco
Elegantly decorated, Ristorante Il Desco is yet another romantic setting that is perfect for a lovely evening out. The four course ‘Fast Menu’ costs €65, however the individual courses are more expensive, with starters being at least €38 and meat and fish dishes starting at €40. The online website allows reservations to be made, however they can also be contacted by telephone: +39 045 595 358 or info@ildesco.com

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Only 45 minutes from the Slovene’s capital Ljubljana, Lake Bled is easily accessed. What is imperative is that you book a room with a view over the Lake. The Grand Hotel Toplice is our favourite. Set right on the lake shore overlooking the church of the Assumption of Mary, the hotel has an old world Eastern European charm. Our balcony was huge and afforded many moments of quiet reflection taking in the majesty of the view.

We took a walk right around the Lake. This can take a few hours but is worth the time. If you are particularly enthusiastic you can even walk up to the medieval castle with its commanding views. Lunch and drinks is a welcome reprise before taking a look around the castle museum.

A 3 or 4 night break is optimum and the region offers a number of fabulous day trips. We would recommend a private guide as this always allows you to really understand the history of a destination in particular.

One day venture through the Triglav National Park with its gorges, ravines and waterfalls and perhaps even take the cable car up to Mt Vogel which at over 5000ft offers commanding views over the whole of Julian Alps and beyond.

Another great day out is taking in Postojna Caves and the Stud farm for the famous Lipi. The scale of the 20km cave is extraordinary.  A fantastic maze of tunnels and passages, stalagmites and stalactites make this one of world’s premier subterranean locations. About an hour further on, and near the Italian border, is Lipica a small town with a global reputation as the breeding place for the famous Lipizzaner stallions used in dressage routines worldwide but most famously at the Spanish riding school in Vienna. Take in a show, walk around the stud farm and become acquainted with horses with bloodlines going back centuries!

No trip to Slovenia would be complete without spending some time wandering around the very relaxed city of Ljubljana. This small compact, relaxed and scenic city is a perfect half day experience and if your flight takes off in the afternoon then do this before going to the airport.


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The new Lapland and Iceland season is now upon us and as such we have quite a few excited people who can’t wait to see the Northern Lights. To help plan for your experience, Apple have created an Aurora forecast app . This clever little app lets you see 8 days of Northern Lights viewing for both Iceland and Lapland in the north, (along with the southern hemisphere as well). To access this app all you need is either an iPad, iPhone or iPod with either Wi-Fi and/or 3G signal.

For iPhone and iPod users, go into your App Store and on the search option type in “Aurora Forecast”. Click on the app (looks the same as the photo below) and press the “Install” button.

Both of these devices will then show you a date screen: Click on the date you are interested in and scroll down to the Iceland and Lapland bar. This way you will be fully up to date with the aurora!

Following on from this original Northern Lights Apps blog posted in December 2011 in relation to an app that forecasts the Northern Lights, the designer has now incorporated more updates into this app, one of which is compatibility with iPad as well as the iPhone and iPod.

Other exciting updates include an easier way of viewing the Northern Light forecast for both the Northern and Southern hemisphere at the push of a button, quarterly hour updates, and push notifications informing you when the Lights peak above a set level. For more information on this please click on the two links below. Happy viewing!




  1. Take a Sunrise or Sunset Trek on a Camel through the Sand Dunes looking out over miles of desert as far as you can see
  2. Take a boat trip from Muscat to see hundreds of Dolphins leaping and diving
  3. Stay up late and watch Turtles laying eggs, and hatchlings emerge from their nest and run down the beach into the sea
  4. Stay at Al Waha at Shangri-La Barr Al Jissah Resort in Muscat and jump into a rubber hoop in the Lazy River that flows through the gardens and acts as “transport” from one Swimming Pool to another.
  5. Hunt for the many sea coral fossils 2,000 M high up in the Mountains at Jebel Akhdhar
  1. Do Roly Polys down a 80m high Sand Dune
  2. Find the secret trap doors in the many 17th Century Portuguese built forts
  3. Have a Henna painting done on your hand by a Bedouin lady
  4. Go Dune Bashing in the Desert in a 4 WD – Prepare to go backwards!
  5. Swim on beautiful beaches and in the Bimah Sinkhole
  6. See Frankincense be harvested from the trees in the South
  7. Explore 400 yr old mud villages
  8. Go to the Souks and buy traditional dress and headwear, jewellery or camel toys
  1. Find Iridium – originally created 65 Million years ago when the Meteorite hit the planet and wiped out the Dinosaurs
  2. Take a hair raising but stunning 4 WD safari on a Mountain track from Nizwa to Muscat through the Mountains
  3. Walk along the Falaj irrigation canals as if you are on the beam, and watch the villagers diverting waters for their crops
  4. Discover Palm Tree Oasis rising out of the arid landscape
  5. Visit The Grand Mosque in Muscat and hear the call to prayer ring out 5 times a day
  6. Explore some of the many Wadis – stopping for a swim
  7. Look through a telescope to see Saturn’s Ring, 3 of Jupiter’s Moons


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1135 AD is a new restaurant at Jaipur’s Amber Fort which recreates the splendour of the Maharaja’s Court. Your experience will begin with a traditional Indian welcome followed by a meal in an open courtyard in the central area of the palace offering breathtaking views of the historic Jaigarh Fort. The lavish meals replicate the bygone charm of the king’s court with a variety of traditional delicacies and exclusive music and dance performance by local artists.

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We are delighted to share that one of the hotels that we work closely with in Iceland has just received the prestigious 2012 certificate of excellence award from TripAdvisor.

This award is in recognition of Hotel Rangá’s 4.5 rating on the TripAdvisor website. As you can imagine the staff and management at Hotel Rangá is delighted to have received this award as it reflects feedback from their genuine customers who have visited. It certainly confirms both our personal experience staying there, and feedback that we have had from our clients who have stayed there as part of the breaks we offer.

Weekend a la Carte offers both summer and winter breaks based out of Hotel Ranga with the Iceland Northern Lights Winter Break being our most popular.

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We always knew our partners in India were an excellent team delivering great service and now this has been recognised in India in the National Tourism Awards.

They have been awarded for the second year in a row the first award for outstanding performance for tourist services as a tour operator for foreigners coming into India in their National Tourism Awards. This is fantastic news and adds to the 20 National Awards they have already been given in recognition of the quality of their offer.

Click here as we have a super Taj and Tigers holiday developed with them.

There is no denying that our Northern Lights trips are popular, but as many of our Weekend a La Carte clients know, the journey up to Lapland can be just as rewarding. Stockholm, the capital of Sweden, is well worth a city break either on the way to or from the arctic climes. Stockholm boasts a beautiful setting, mixed with wonderful cuisine, and if you are travelling through in December; some great Christmas markets.

However, as well as the superb Vasa Museum and being the location for Stieg Larsson’s Millennium Trilogy books, the latest addition is the ABBA museum. This museum will give fans the chance to wander through the various ABBA memorabilia, sit in the helicopter that was used as the album cover for their “Arrival” album, and even take to the stage as a Dancing Queen to be the fifth member of ABBA! The other four members will be dancing behind you in holographic form. After the worldwide success of Mamma Mia! in 2008, how could anyone resist such a tempting offer!

To make your stay feel even more like you are treading into ABBA’s footsteps, our breaks offer a stay overnight at the Hotel Rival, which along with being centrally located close to the shops and markets, is also owned by Benny!  All the rooms come with a CD of one of ABBA’s best-selling albums, and we have always had great feedback on this hotel. Our clients have told us that this feels like they have had a holiday before they even reach the arctic! So why not make your break that much more fulfilling.


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